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Treasure a prcious memory with a commision portrait.



It's important to upload the best quality photo you can find. I can only draw from what I see. If you want a coloured drawing then make sure the photo you upload isn't too dark and the subject is in natural light so their natural colours are showing.

Most of all, please no blurry photo's. It's impossible to do a detailed portrait from a blurry photo.


Please upload photos that are closer to the camera (but not too close) rather than far away, far away photos lack necessary detail. My portraits are head and shoulder only so far away photo's wont benefit the portrait.

Only upload big files if you can because they would normally be better quality, and really small files are too small to work from.

If it's an old photo you want draw from the old fashioned Analogue cameras please scan the photo first and upload the scanned file. A photo of  photo very rarely works well.

How to order a portrait

Before you make a purchase email me the size an type of drawing/painting you want and the photo.


I'll book you a date. If you need the portrait finished by a certain date then tell me and I'll book you in for that time. If you have any question please feel fee to ask.


Shipping to USA or non EU countries you may have to pay import charges when your parcel arrives.


You can upload a photo to my Email Address or Facebook page

After you contact me you'll be able to Email me the photo you want drawn/painted and tell me what size you want your commission portrait to be or if you have a photo ready , you can email me at

I will then book a date to start your portrait or if you need the portrait by a certain date please tell me before hand.

Depending on the size of the portrait and how many subjects in the portrait, it can take a couple of days (small portraits 1 subject) to a couple of weeks (Large portrait 3 subjects)

I'll give you a rough idea on how long it will take when you contact me. Remember you can't rush creativity!


You pay once I'm finished your portrait and you're happy with it. I'll email you the finished preview of the portrait before you pay. I'll then post it  to you once it's paid for.


Emma did a beautiful graphic sketch of my Grand daughter for me & it is absolutely beautiful. I am so delighted with it. I would recommend to anyone. My daughter & her husband were delighted with it. They thought it was a beautiful present to get and will akways have it. Thanks Emma for the beautiful work

Eve Turley

A very lovely and talented kind hearted person thank you so much would highly recommend thank you x

Jenny Goff

Love the picture s finally up on the wall would definitely recommend xx

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